Please use our online rent pay system.


Registration Steps:
1. Go to
2. Select Register
3. Enter your personal information, select a User Name, and then select Continue
4. You will be emailed a temporary password
5. Select Home once you receive the password and enter your User name and temporary password.
6. Enter the Checking or Savings account that you will be submitting payments with.
7. Select Submit
8. Within the Renters section in the Renter Code field enter the following and then select Enter: Lakebridge
9. The registration process is complete at this point so you will be presented with your property overview screen. If you are using the Automatic Recurring Payment feature you will need to use the ‘How to Add an Automatic Monthly Payment’ steps below below to add a Recurring Payment record to the system so we know which day of the month to process your payment.
10. You can select Profile then Change Password to change your temporary password.